Capturedi is one of the online video services that is ran by father Scott Jarrell. He is the media director and the owner of this company which is currently wearing the label of being one of the best video services online. For the past sixteen years he has been a television photo journalist professionally and also an editor in Dallas, Texas. So, he is not a newbie when it comes to video editing services. The company got its inspiration from Scott’s daughter. He has taken thousands of photos of her and even created music videos about her. He found that doing so was very fun and his friends and family loved his work so he decided to start his own web video services. However, Scott understands that multimedia can be quite difficult and confusing for some so he decided to make it easier for users all over the world with his video production services.

Editorial Capturedi Rating

Capturedi gets a five star editorial rating and it is not just because this company has a very unique name. Instead it is because of the story behind the company, the experience of the owner, and the way their website is designed. Not to mention the fact that Captured – I makes it their business to meet all of their customers’ needs when it regards their video services no matter what they may be. Furthermore, they explain the entire process on their website and the rates that they offer to their customers are very reasonable. In fact, you will find that no Captured- I discount is needed.

Customers Capturedi Ranking

Capturedi reviews that have been left by customers will lead you to believe that they deserve a five star ranking as well. No one has mentioned anything about a Capturedi scam or a Capturedi fraud. Furthermore, it can be verified that Capturedi is legit 100%.

Other Capturedi Reviews Found

Other Capturedi Review are stating great things about their video services as well. You are sure to be pleased with the video editing services that they are providing.

Is  a Scam?

No Capturedi is not a scam.